WRS Group, Ltd. got its start in 1969 when an enterprising young doctor set out to create a different kind of health education product—one that wasn’t lifeless and “preachy,” but one that would inspire change because it was actually fun to use. Since that time, WRS Group has positioned itself as the worldwide leader in the health education industry. But our focus has never changed. We are still dedicated to the art of developing cutting-edge health and childbirth education products that are informative, inspiring—and fun. All of our proprietary products are manufactured in the United States, built with unmatched attention to detail and quality control.


The creators of Mr. Gross Mouth, Harry’s Scary Tongue, Clem’s Phlegm, and hundreds more engaging health education products.
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From birth balls to breastfeeding dolls, we have everything the childbirth or breastfeeding educator needs for comprehensive instruction.
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Custom imprinting on thousands of promotional products – with prompt, friendly service.

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